Dunedain keep enemies engaged, very strong deck

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Descendant of Numenor make war not peace ! 0 0 0 1.0
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Free Races of Middle-earth: Dunedain 0 1 0 1.0
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Rouxxor 1541

Rouxxor has a newer deck inspired by this one: Free Races of Middle-earth: Dunedain

First build as a fun concept around the dunedain trait we finally come to our favorite fight deck.

We think this deck would not be good enough because he is not very effective on the turn one: he don't play any ally or any boost on heroes. Furthermore we can't kill the ennemy engaged with us on the first turn. Doesn't sound good at all. Seem pity compare to my other fight decks.

In fact we build a real good deck. We play on turn one ready effects (unexpected courage or/and armored destrier) on Beregond so he can block at least 2 ennemies. If there is one or two others Aragorn and Amarthuil are also great for that. Then you begin another turn with two ennemies against you so Amarthuil collect another ressource. You can play gondorian shield so beregond become invincible and heir of valandil for a very efficient Dunedain ally in order to draw or put another defender in play. So you can take in charge even more and bigger ennemies. And you can start to kill some with Amarthuil, Aragorn or fornost bowman. But keep in mind you will need at least 3 ennemy engaged with you so kill the biggest and let the small ones.

The good point of this deck is to be able, in addition of fight, to reduce the threat with Aragorn + deseperate alliance. It is based on a trick (a cheat?) that allow you to do the "once per game" action once... per player. So give your Aragorn in refresh phase and reset the threat of your friends. And if we can have this kind of powerful effect we can play all the doomed effect we want. Good point because they give an huge advantage. We usually play two deep knowledge and two legacy of numenor on each turn one. So every players start with a large part of their decks in play at the start of the game.

We even are able to manage well the shadow cards. With silver lamp we know how to defend and with armored destrier we remove the annoying ones. We even can play some heal with warden of healing so we only need from the other player to quest well and sacrifice an ally if their is an insane attack (8 or more attack).

We play Mablung so we can engage on turn one an ennemy then play gondorian shield because we gain tactic sphere. Or to get an enemy still engaged with a friend.

Steward of gondor is not really good in this deck because we need a lot of leadership ressources but only for a few turns. So we have three choices:

  • Play it in a buddy heroe but this mean we don't do anything great this turn;
  • Play it on Amarthiul. We will use it a first time to make it cost nothing. Then the first use will be cool. The second will be okay but not necessary. The third one useless.
  • Wait and play it one turn later. But he will be less efficient If nobody play steward we still will pack in but this is not a good deck for playing it.

The third desperate alliance is needed when at least three players are involved.

All the other sideboard cards are rarely side in.