The Elven Rings of Power

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ishkalafufu 2

This is a THEME DECK primarily drawing inspiration from the three wielders of the Elven Rings of Power- Elrond (Vilya), Galadriel (Nenya) and Gandalf (Narya) (and secondarily, from the "White Council" theme).

Attachments follow the theme of their users, e.g. Gandalf's staff, pipe, horse, etc.

Events likewise follow the theme closely- for example, The White Council, Elrond's Counsel, Flame of Anor, Word of Command, etc.

Heroes in this deck- as icons of power and knowledge- are imagined to be leaders/commanders. They only wade into battle/melee when extremely necessary (Elrond and Gandalf are VERY capable defenders, attackers and questers, thus they will be called to multi-task several times throughout the game when urgently needed- especially when the allies for combat have not yet been called into play early in the game). They are primarily there to inspire, to heal, to strategize and to further quests.

Allies draw heavily from creatures (exploiting Radagast's unique skill) as well as the force of the Istari. As such, while these allies are powerhouses, they can be extremely slow/expensive to call into play, e.g. Saruman, Radagast, Gwaihir, Landroval, etc.

BEWARE: This is a THEME deck designed to primarily aid in ROLEPLAYING and IMMERSION. It will most likely be difficult to use unless you are well-versed in making various cards combo off each others' abilities, etc. A further difficulty is in how this deck (theoretically) draws upon ALL spheres- LORE, SPIRIT, TACTICS and LEADERSHIP (but only when strict specific requirements are met), thus resource management will be tricky.

(Please don't hesitate to give more thematic suggestions and tweaks!) :)