Siblings Unite

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slothgodfather 45

I haven't played solo in awhile now, but when I did I had used an Elladan, Elrohir, Eowyn deck that worked pretty well against various quests (non-nightmare).

To update the deck, I've swapped Eowyn for Arwen, giving up 2 WP (from Eowyn's bonus) for resource acceleration/smoothing - which is fairly important for a tri-sphere deck.

The end goal for the attachments is something like:

Arwen Undómiel: Horn of Gondor

Elladan: Elven Spear, Rivendell Blade, Unexpected Courage x2

Elrohir: Steward of Gondor, Blood of Numenor x2, Dunedain Warning x2, Light of Valinor, Heir of Mardil, Unexpected Courage, Song of Wisdom, Burning Brand, Elven Spear, Rivendell Blade

This allows the brothers to help quest and to pay for any "exhaust a hero" costs that might come up and gives Elrohir a chance to get into the fight against bigger enemies.

I went with Outland allies for their obvious synergy and OP nature to push through questing values while the brothers handle the combat side of things. But they can obviously assist with combat as well, as needed.

Resources may be plentiful enough to lower or drop the Legacy of Numenor event count. Save Lords of the Eldar for an emergency turn.

Any thoughts/suggestions/questions are welcome!