Gandalf Hobbit Ent Deck

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Seosaidh 365

This is my take on a thematic deck representing Merry, Pippin, and (to a greatly lesser extent) Gandalf rousing Fangorn Forest to assist the Free Peoples. All of the allies are ents (and all the ents currently in the game are represented). Treebeard should be mulliganned for, as he provides resource acceleration and action advantage for the ents. You also can play him from hand using Gandalf's resources, since he is neutral.

The hobbits ensure that your starting threat is low enough to hopefully give you enough time to get the ents out and ready. If an enemy with a low engagement cost comes in too early, Noiseless Movement can help prevent engagement if need be. Gandalf's Staff provides card draw and resource acceleration, and Entmoot also provides a certain amount of card draw.