Eagles, Dwarves, n' Legolas

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Hereinthebox 17

A deck made up of cards up to Return to Mirkwood. Since this is a Mono-Tactics deck meant for use with the other Mono-sphere decks I made, it's goals should be pretty obvious:

  1. Kill stuff
  2. EAGLES!

Other than that:

You may be asking yourself - why the semi-commitment to eagles? I wanted to try and use a smattering of cards from each AP from the SoM cycle, and all they offered tactics was eagles at every turn. It's as good as it gets for a deck with as many eagles and good cards as is possible.


Gimli? He's a dwarf, so he works with Dain. He also hits really really hard with a couple of plates on him.

Legolas? He makes progress and hits good.

Thalin? He's a dwarf.

Why not?

Brand son of Bain? He's ugly. He may be better than Legolas given that this is meant to work in a 4 player fellowship so take Legolas or Thalin or whoever out if you want.

Boromir? While it was tempting to call this deck "The Human, The Dwarf, and The Elf" I feel like he works better in those nuts bonkers decks that everyone loves.