Sons of Elrond and a Hobbit

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Khatton1 3

My first created deck. would love feedback of how to improve it and what should/shouldn't be there. Thinking of taking it to the 2017 fellowship event. any help?


Nov 29, 2017 Twood02 54

Looks fun! Generally Keeping Count is hard to make effective—you would need 3 copies to increase your chance of drawing 2 of them. You would be better swapping those two out for something else (maybe 3x steward and Gondorian shield to get more consistent defense). Second breakfast may also be unnecessary unless this quest is particularly bad about making you drop attachments. In general you’ll have a more consistent deck with more duplicates of fewer cards.

Nov 29, 2017 zjensen3 45

My only advice without knowing who gets what attachment is...

You have 7 restricted attachments and only 3 heroes. Plus the Rivendell Bow only adds a ranged keyword. Was that the intent? You don't get the attack boost from it.

If I were going to include Rivendell Bow, I'd change my heroes to ones already with ranged.

On the whole though, good job!

Nov 29, 2017 Khatton1 3

Thanks for the great feedback! I'll have a little play around based on what you've said. Need to playtest It too. Any good quests for testing decks?

Nov 29, 2017 zjensen3 45

@Khatton1 Well I’m relatively new at this too but I wouldn’t worry about testing it on certain quests. If you are trying to publish the next major power deck or something then you would need to test it on the hardest nightmare quests.

But for just building fun decks for yourself, I’d just play it. Just be aware of the type of quest you are playing. If it’s location heavy and you keep getting location lock, that doesn’t necessarily mean the deck is bad, just that it’s not ideal for that specific quest.

I promise you will learn what is good and bad from playing any quest. You will find cards sit in your hand all game and others that you are dying to get ahold of so that will inevitably make you mix up the cards.

This is the game at its best. I think the deck building and tweaking is the best part. The quests are almost like the secondary thing to validate the deck you built, at least for me.

Nov 29, 2017 Thejuggler2000 52

Looks like a good deck. If you're taking this to the fellowship event, you might want to add Dúnedain Signal to give Elrohir sentinel.