ArBeStor (ARwen-BEregond-ereStor) (29)

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Aorakis 385

Aorakis has updated this deck: ArBeStor (a Solo/multi Defensive + Outlands deck)

Little Deck i made when Arwen was Out. This one is more a Multiplayer but i manage some quest in solo aswell. First turns are slow on quest, but once you got some Outlands and Courage on Beregond, the deck is doing pretty well.

Erestor is really funny with Outlands, and Beregond is really good with Erestor, coz attachements cost nothing and you always got one ressource for at least a Knight of the Swan.

Rumour from the earth is still awesome, like always with erestor. And it happen you played it Twice a round (before questing and end of turn)

This Deck is not yet optimized, but for now, it's doing quite well.

You got Heal, Damage mitigation, good quest and damage with outlands once you got them out on table.

Major cons are : No cancel of any sort ! And slow on quest at first.

Pros : Fun to play, Beregond, polyvalent.