Faramir solo Ents

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Aorakis 510

I always loved Ents. So when i first saw Faramir preview, i directly think about some Ents Deck with him !

The only problem was that Faramir's sphere.. -> Leadership is not really in the "Ents Mood."

So i had to think about it, on a solo aspect.

First, I chose not to use the Tactics ents. And i just focus on the Lore side.

The basic idea (wich is the same in the multiplayer version), was to try playing Treebeard first turn. So i chose Grima to make that possible (and also make a lot of other stuff possible ! Grima on solo is a beast !)

That new Faramir version is quite nice with ents ! Making them avaible on engagements on turn 1 ! Wich is really welcome !

This non-ultimate deck is still on progress but it is working already quite good.

Most of the time Steward goes on Glorfindel (helping him to play those Trackers, Elfhelm and Galadhrim's greetings), and Keys of orthanc goes on grima for paying Ents. (The Opposite is working well too)

The nice stuff about Faramir is that, you get access to Sneak-Gandalf wich is always good !

End game, faramir will have many unused ressources, i though about some Blood of numenor, but most of the time i use those for paying gandalf full price. So i reckon it's ok.

The deck make a bit of everything and start quite low on threat (be aware that Grima, Glo2 (if no valinor) and deep knowladge are going to increase that quite fast (reasons why i put 3 greetings, 3 counsel, 3 Handmaiden and gandalfs)

So, i hope you enjoy this deck as much as i do. Try it, it's quite funny.

I'll post the Multiplayer version of it right away.

Cheers from Belgium.