FarMaFur (Faramir Ents Multiplayer Version) (28)

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Aorakis 510

As i spoke in my Faramir Ents Solo version, here is the multiplayer version of it.

Big changes are of course : Mablung and Bifur instead of Glorfindel and Grima.

So, with mablung, i have all those little 2 cost ents and some really good tactic cards like Feint, Vigil and the especially good in this deck : Dunedain Hunters.

The basic idea is the same, treebeard turn one, but as i played this deck, and with the Entmood and others ents, i feel like 2 treebeard were enough, limitating the risks of having 2 nor 3 of them early game. i am still really hesitating to bring back the 3rd copy of it... (Play test will tell !)

Gaining strength is really nice on Bifur (most of the time) and mablung. This card can help bringing treebeard or a Wellinghall Ent Turn 1 wich is really nice.

Same with we're not idle (but you will lose 2wp for questing).

Other good combo that pops out from time to time is like turn 1 : Play Treebeard then a dunedain Hunter. So Faramir triggers and ready treebeard or any ents i've put into play ! This is really good !

Black arrow is kind of x-mass card, for faramir, to make a big 7ATT on some big boss.

i believe the rest of the deck is kind of pretty easy to understand and play.

That's also why i love this deck on multiplayer, your turns are going to be fast done ! ^^

Mid / End game, this deck makes a lot ! WP, Defense, and some support with healers, long defeat and Vigil !

Other good stuff is that this deck does'nt use steward of gondor nor any "big" unique cards (except for threebeard of course and Gandalf) wich is already welcome at a table !

i really like this deck. Even better than the solo version of it !

Faramir appear to me, to be a really nice Matching To Ents mechanic ! He's really a strong heroe (even if he still not got 3ATT ^^)

Hope you will enjoy this deck as much as i do.