The Council of Gondor

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Tfu76 1

I was looking for a way to get the more expensive Gondor allies into a deck. You are really looking to get Elrond set up as early as possible with Vilya and Light of Valinor. This will allow him to quest and hopefully play the more expensive allies for free. Armoured Destrier, Blood,Heir of Mardil, Steward and Visionary Leadership all go on Denethor. When he is all set up he can defend up to 3 times a turn if you hold off triggering Steward (followed by with Heir of Mardel) until after your first or second defence. Silver lamp is a "nice to have" and pairs very well with Amoured Destrier. Hobbit Pony works really well with Spirit Merry in the mid to late game allowing you to decide if you want quest with him or use his ability after the encounter card has been revealed, this can help you stay above the valour range and get the most out of the Vetran of Osgiliath. The unique allies are there to boast questing which why they are mostly one ofs. I tend to always include Heed the Dream in all Decks that have both a Lore hero and Leadership Denethor as his extra resource means you can get your combo pieces out turn one.

This is my first published deck on here, and as you can probably see I am far from being an accomplished deck builder so help or advice would be appreciated.

Cheers x