The Riders of Rohan

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kovnikmike 14

Full on thematic Rohan deck, all Rohan allies and heros, not even a gandalf. This deck uses all of the natural built in questing ability of the rohan trait to crush any will power questing on its own. Clearly not a deck to rule them all but paired with other decks it requires very little help taking care of questing on its own so the partner deck can maximize action use for battling or what ever other tricks it needs. Eomer gives the deck plenty of hitting power to take care of the enemies that end up engaged with you.

The focus of this deck was theme and questing so i usually play it solo against super location heavy quest like the Hills of Emyn Muil and The Hunt for Gollum and try to turn Eomer and Theoden into killing machines by fishing for a Rohan Warhorse for each, Firefoot for Eomer, Herugrim and snowmane for Theoden. If unexpected courage comes out as well then these guys can take care of a whole lot themselves allowing you to use all the "discard ally" combos Rohan provides in relative safety.


Apr 11, 2016 mndela 359

I want to build a very similar deck.

Apr 11, 2016 kovnikmike 14

Its a ton of fun, really gives the feeling of cavalry moving at a much faster pace then everyone else with multiple actions from the heros and allies flying in and out of play.

Originally i had the deck designed as mono spirit with Dunhere and paired the deck with a tactics/leadership rohan/eagles deck with eomer and theodred(plus another tactics hero) pumping out eagle and rohan allies with enough resource generation to play Spear of the Mark and Forth Eorlingas!. The pairing was fun but I wanted to make something a little more self contained and able to pair with something not directly designed to buff it like other players theme decks in multiplayer. I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to setting up two hand solo games.

Dropping all traces of "attacking the staging area" gimmicks open up the Rohan trait to ultimately perform much better, in my humble opinion of course.