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Vicaroth 50

Pop out cheap ents, use bifur and errand-rider to help get the resources of the proper type. Use Faramir's ability and Ally Treebeard to ready ents to defend and attack! Win.


Apr 12, 2016 serre 45

thinking also to make an ent deck using the ability of faramir. I think the leadership side quest might be good in your deck to search for a ally and put it into play... and why not 3x treebeard? i assume you want him out asap ? besides that seems a cool deck. I thought of using grima hero instead of bifur to make ents cheaper for the first couple of turns.

Apr 12, 2016 serre 45

also sneak attack is a must if you play with gandalfs imo. :). i should remove erebor record keeper and asfaloth