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BeestThouNotInHaste 178

A pretty lame healing deck that I use for multiplayer. Will update later with better cards.


Questing: Only quest with Glorfindel early game. Use Secret Paths and Radagast's Cunning on 4-5 threat things.

Defending: Use Dark Knowledge to see if you can take attacks defenderless. Block with Gimli to get him powered up, or Denethor if he is weakened. Block with Ents to explode things later. Pro tip: Use Blade Mastery if the ents would not survive. Once you have Daughters and Treebeard in play, you can safely take 3 enemies at once.

Attack: Ents are super broken. Damage ents, kill with them later. Gimli is a one man army once he is wounded.

Resource Management: Beg for Steward on Glorfindel. Once Treebeard is in play, you can play an ent every turn using his and Gimli's resources.

Card Draw: Gleowine is all you need, as this deck is too expensive to play stuff every turn.

Strategy: Mulligan for Treebeard or Gleowine, as they get a lot of bang for their buck. Slap weapons on Gimli as you draw them.

Healing tips:

  • If a quest has direct damage that can hit anyone, wait to play Daughters until you can play Elven Mail on them: this will allow them to last the whole game.
  • Only use Glorfindel to heal heroes who could get sniped off, or important allies who might die (Arwen, Northern Tracker, all those spirit 2 willpower 2 hitpoints...)
  • Self preservation goes on high HP allies (Treebeard) or heroes who tend to take a lot of damage (Glorfindel, Aragorn)
  • Waters of the Nimrodel is a last resort: use it when lots of damage is on the table.


  • If you have the Warden of Healing... -Throw Glorfindel in the garbage and use a good lore hero.
  • Other cards to use that I don't have: Ioreth, A Burning Brand, Wellinghall Preserver, Ent Draught, Boots From Erebor.