Gondor's Tireless

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dcsellers38 23

Made a few adjustments since original version.

The idea is to center around Prince I's mechanic - allow him to both be a strong quester as well as being available to attack. Lots of attachments to buff up the heroes - allies primarily used to help quest, especially early when this deck is weak before it has a chance to start up. Keep threat low to take advantage of a buffed up Dunhere slaying enemies before they get a chance to fight. Running two [Forest Snare] just in case they slip past (or early Trolls ie. Anduin) Denethor primary defense, but if no enemies, his ability can really help manage to not get yourself in a pickle.

I don't have a large card pool to play with (only have Core/Khazad-Dum and two AP's) but I really enjoy this deck for now.