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Spellpierce 20

That was basically one of my first HDR LCG-Decks played ... now with some few Improvements.

This Deck works very well in Teamplaying-Games because you can react often "instantly".

Look out for a Gondor Shield in Denetor, search for good Equipments for more Damage on Legolas and as early as able Light and Asfalot on Glorfindel.


  • Denetor blocks with Shield and looks Cards on the Enc. Deck ... this helps vs. hard Shadowcardeffects.
  • Glorfindel Quests for free and handles Locations with Asfaloth (in my oppinion one of the srongest Cards in LotR)... more Location shredding by Legolas-Ability and maybe Arod
  • Get red horse on Legolas, shoot 2 Times, Trigger his Ability 2 Times, feels nice All that by a really nice/low Starting-Treat.

Very usefull Ally like the Noldorsmith to get the Equipments, the best Healer and the very OP Arwenally with her +1 Def Ability.

Its well rounded i think.

You can cut Denetor+Shield and Play Bifor for more early Green Resources (maybe from Teammate if able) to have a little more fast start und 1 lower Treat. Do this only if your Teammats have a lot of tanky Blockes.

Feel free to comment or give some advice.