Meat and Potatoes (And Awesome)

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stephenball 242

This is a deck that I had made originally in my quest to beat Battle of Carn Dum, but I immediately fell in love with it, and it has game against pretty much any quest I've brought it against. It's incredibly simple, but that's because it covers many basics.

Basically there's not much to say about how to play the deck. You have a suite of allies, many disposable to trigger Imrahil/Eomer. The cost sphere balance ends up working out very well, especially with the resource fixing allies. Errand Rider is a great card, that can move resources all you need until he is expendable, and the Envoy of Pelargir's effect can target any of the heroes, very valuable in a tri-sphere deck. With a single Errand-Rider, you can play any card in your hand (other than Gandalf) any turn, due to the low cost. Even if you start running out of allies to throw under the bus (which you shouldn't, the deck runs the full suites of Valiant Sacrifice, Sneak Attack Gandalf, and Ancient Mathoms), all you need is a few other cards to make the engine continue to work.

Mid game you generally always can have Firefoot on Eomer, Gondorian Shield on Imrahil, and a copy of Bofur. For just one spirit resource and no other allies you can quest for 8 (Eowyn, Imrahil, Bofur), then Bofur triggers your heroes, giving you a 4 defense and 7 attack back. The only way it could be better was back before Horn was errata'd.

This deck generally doesn't have any crazy tricks, it's just simple interactions, runs sweet heroes, and is a lot of fun to play.


Feb 09, 2017 StephenMotz 110

I brought this one to my play group, and it worked really well. The only challenge I faced was from lack of card draw. It's probably less of a problem in solo, but getting Ancient Mathom to trigger for me was harder in a 3 player game. Great Deck!