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Spellpierce 33

Deck for Multiplayer using the -after Errata- more fair Boromir + some Stuff to generate Resscources and reduce your Treatlevel. Havent played it so far but i think this should work good if your Team needs one Deck for primary "attacking and blocking". Startingtreat is not low with 28 but okey and you have many options to reduce Treat.

Captains Wisdom looks really good for me... best use with Boromir to generate Ressouce, than untap for 1 Treat. Its good too if you need blue mana for first turn Captains Wisdom to cast unexpected c. on galadriel, untap her and use it... later you can quest and use the ability.

Denetor can give Res to Boromir so you can if lucky play 1. turn truchsess on boromir, swap 1 ressource, play a legoals. You can play Legolas also first turn by Playing Capt. Wisdom with boromir, untap, swap 1 res from Denetor and cast Legolas.

Most pump ups Axe/Shield go to Boromir. A 2. shield you can play on Denetor (= 5 Shield). Gandalf + Sneak, Gandalf ist always good and you have many options here, Trestred. is always nice, carddraw maybe useful, shooting an enemy could be nice too. Sneak Descendant, Descendant could be good to in may Situations.

Its 1 Card to much in the Deck and i also wanted to play the Denethor Staff one Time for Drawing cards.

Maybe someone can help what you flip out.

Many useful Cards could be swapt in like (maybe in more):

  • 1 more Legolas
  • 1 more Honour Guard
  • some Gondorian Discipline is nice
  • Defender of Rammas / Derdingle Warrior + Arwen is extremly good in Multiplayer. The amounts could be swapt.
  • 1 more Weapon + 1 more Foe-hammer
  • 1 more Descendant of Thorondor

Maybe out:

  • the side quests (but i like tham so much) maybe depends on the Decks playing togehter with you
  • Magicring is very nice but maybe not too good in this Deck but variabel. Could be played on Teammates too. Same is for Unexpted Courage.
  • Dunedain warning
  • 1 Nenya
  • Gondoriean Discipline ... is on in and out list =)