Dunhere the Elf-friend Morgul Vale nightmare pure solo editi

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Lecitadin 141

A few modifications I've made to beat the MV nightmare in pure solo.

Use Noiseless mouvement to let that fracking 18 threats enemy in the staging area, and keep Feint for the Nazgul. Took me 2 tries with this modified deck to beat the quest (and some luck...).

I only have 2 core sets, so only 2 Unexpected courage.



Sep 03, 2016 tsnouffer 1

Do you think this will work well with the non-nightmare version of The Morgul Vale? I'm about to tackle that one.

Sep 03, 2016 Lecitadin 141

I'm pretty sure it will! ;-)

Sep 04, 2016 tsnouffer 1

Beat it on my 3rd try. Pretty bloody scenario. Thanks for posting. I like playing a variety of decks but am not so patient on building my own. Thanks for doing so!

Sep 04, 2016 Lecitadin 141