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Sengonzo 24

Format: Use cards from just the Core and Wilds.

Made some tweaks from original, forgot to publish, then after a night of play made a few more tweaks. Difference between version 2 and 3 was version 2 had 2 Necklace and 3 Last Stand but not the Protector of Lorien and Valiant Sacrifice.

Version 2 beat the first Wilds missions after 5-7 tries. The successful run took a ton of turns to get through mostly on the first phase.

I never felt good enough about the board state risk a Necklace, and even with Brand I really wanted more card draw. Protector of Lorien will hopefully bolster defense or questing in a pinch and give me something to with the dead uniques. Valiant Sacrifice will help with card draw.

More play tomorrow!