2 Heroes no Allies viable?

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profparm has a newer deck inspired by this one: 2 Heroes no Allies viable?

So I saw Seastan's 2-character deck and I was extremely jealous, because it looks awesome but uses cards from sets I don't own. So, in order to quench my horrible bitter envy, I made my own 2 hero no ally deck.

I've only tested this deck against Journey down the Anduin a couple times so far, and it's been a lot of fun. My use for Folco is to maybe play a Fast Hitch if I get one in my hand, but usually I use his resources on Necklace of Girion or Strider. I don't feel the need to kill Folco super early, I was just playing it by ear and using him when it would allow me to control engagement.

I found out in the first game the deck wants to mulligan hard for Dagger of Westernesse, because that fuels so much of the deck. I'd also keep a hand with Gather Information. Ideally, Sam gets Armored Destrier, 1 Dagger, and any Fast Hitches I get before Folco bites it. Eowyn gets 2 Daggers (and the first Dagger I draw, depending on the scenario; that allowed me to kill both Troll and Adder in one game) and the rest of the item suite, with Crams being distributed as needed (if Eowyn hasn't hulked out yet, she'll get it so she can machine gun down a lot of people the turn she pumps it up).

Gather Info is used to get a Dagger 100% of the time, unless I had all 3. Close Call, Wizard's Voice? (the Doomed can't attack), and the leadership Noble card that returns attacker to staging area were all in strong contention for being included, but ultimately got cut for deck space. I value consistency over a toolbox approach, so that's why I have 3-ofs on a lot of attachments I only intend to play 1 of. Finally, Dunedain Remedy has already been huge in this deck, allowing me to survive 2 Goblin Snipers one game.

Anyway, probably definitely not as good as Seastan's 2-hero deck, but one I could make with my card pool. :)


Jun 29, 2018 eldub 654

I think you might want to try and find a way to get a couple more Weapon attachments to reliably trigger both Foe-hammer and Goblin-cleaver, with Foe-hammer being the only real draw engine of a deck that is super combo-heavy.

Jun 29, 2018 eldub 654

Yeah, Sterner than Steel is also dependent on that condition. Also, Open the Armory would be dope if you could squeeze 2-4 more Weapon cards...methinks that might be the ticket.

Jun 29, 2018 profparm 22

I do agree, since that's basically my hard Mulligan condition. However, after reviewing my choices, it's either Legacy Blade, which is great early and obviously terrible late, or Blade of Gondolin (limited to 2 copies). There's others like Spear of the Citadel, but I'd rather defend with Sam then Eowyn when I can swing it.

Cutting Swift and Silent and 1-2 armored destrier wouldn't be bad for the weapons and open the armory, and if I want to go weapon heavy I could even cut crams and fit all the weapons in.