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Spellpierce 20

My Grimbeorn Deck.

I out Bard into the Deck to easier bring out the Attachments to Brimbeorn. After drawing the 2nd Gondorian Shield put in onto Denethor for more additionel Block.

Captain of Gonder looks here like the perfect Card, pushing Attack and Defense for only 1 Ressource. Ally: Arwen + Silvan Refugee bring some more Question. Still this Deck shoult Parnter with a Deck that can useful Quest.

The Eventpart for me is very Basic this Way. Could be changed if you trying to fit the Deck to some Special Quests.

Steward of Gondor goes to Grim for having enough Tactic Resource and it Synergieses with "Gondorian Shield".

A Question: Anyone know, how the Armourd Destrier would trigger here?


Aug 19, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

What do you mean? They're abilities don't interfere. If you mean which order they would trigger in, the first player would decide, since they're both responses.