Strong Mono-Spirit Solo-Deck

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openMfly 229

This one needs play-time but is very strong. Try to get in secrecy and stay there.

  • Galadriel is just for thread-reduction and card-draw. You need it! No Nenya, no mirror...
  • Beregond gets every Courage, Resourceful, Livery and the Magic Ring. Up to 5 ressources per round make him a strong Defender.
  • Glorfindel for questing and killing.

The allies are mainly for questing. But they also support Glorfindel with killing enemies (Tracker and Outrider). Engage one enemy every round, block, reduce thread and kill it. Treebeard is always good. Play Gandalf, when your thread is < 20 and you can eat his thread every round.

Test of Will can be played multiple times (Dwarven Tomb, Map --> Tomb --> Test). Rest is for thread-reduction.

So this deck manages everything: locations, enemies and treacheries.


  • strong enemies engaged at the beginning of a game.
  • first round questing (about 5 willpower)
  • long duration of a game

Sep 06, 2018 Raiderjakk 45

Excellent deck. I had a similar deck but struggled with resource generation. Threat level is low enough to start that you can almost get away with it from turn one.