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MockTurtle36 65

Draw cards and then draw more cards with Bilbo and Expert Treasure Hunter. Everything's an attachment! Make them all Silvan and boost attacks, defenses and wills. Location control, shadow protection and one awesome hobbit. Threat going up? Not a problem. Just reset.

Give that a go, Joseph. Just avoid Dunland.


Sep 14, 2018 The BGamerJoe 4056

I’ll blog it!

Sep 14, 2018 Raiderjakk 44

It's so crazy it just might work.

Sep 14, 2018 Windrunner4 5

No strider?

Sep 15, 2018 doomguard 1251

not enough willpower. if all go, its 6 + 3 long-knife max. 9 even if u use much protector of lorien will not be enough for the hard ones i think.

Sep 21, 2018 The BGamerJoe 4056

I got to play several games with deck and I wrote up my thoughts on my blog:

Very fun and surprisingly strong!