Battling the Wizard's Quest

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Loss - The Crossings of Poros - 2 Players - 2020-07-31
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Fellowship 2018: Quest Hard. Attack Harder.
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None. Self-made deck here.
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nbonnem 47

This is a deck I built specifically to bring to Fellowship 2018, although I think it will become a deck I bring to a lot of multiplayer games now. It was used successfully to handle any enemy that came off the encounter deck. As of now, it cannot handle much questing, so you would want to pair with a deck that can handle that aspect of the game- definitely not a solo deck.

Sam is used mainly for questing, although in the early game you can also use him to defend or attack as your threat will be fairly low. If you can get Staff of Lebethron on him as well you will not need to worry about shadow effects when he defends. Dunedain Quest is in the deck to add to his questing. Bill the Pony can be played for free which means you can at least add 4 willpower each phase. I would recommend Steward onto Sam (or the other player) to get out Gimli or Galadriel for quest boosting.

Beregond is used for defending, and he can handle anything. I had him boosted with Citadel Plate, Dunedain Warning, Hauberk of Mail, and Gondorian Shield. With all of that, he is basically unstoppable. The best part is that to get all of that on him only costs three resources. Defender of Rammas is also a good target for Hauberk of Mail. With Sterner than Steel in hand shadow cards aren't a threat. Behind Strong Walls is a great event to allow Beregond to defend for you and anything you let slip by onto the other player's board.

Thorin Stonehelm is a beast. He can attack for essentially four with nothing on him with his ability. Adding on weapons only makes him better and he is guaranteed to wreck anything in his way. With Foe-hammer in your hand you can then draw some cards.

Because Sam is a popular hero, I have a sideboard to slot in Theodred and would replace Bill the Pony with Envoy. I haven't played with Theodred in the deck so I'm unsure if there would or would not be a better cheap ally to get you some willpower.