Steward of Gondor goes on either Hirluin, Lothiriel or Boromir.


Jan 06, 2021 doomguard 459

goodbasic comcept. BUT: where is Visionary Leadership ??!!!!! run a gondorfellowship without it is like run a dwarfenfellowship without dain! (ld-boromir + visionary leadership does he same as Dain....)

lore-faramir with damrod is good, but it makes the fellwoship better, to use ld motk faramir. but there are not much possibilities to implement. change faramir and imrahil its the only way i see. then use the tacticimrahil. (if you want the 1 red 2 green ratio, make mablung the motk-version)

NOT using Denethor is a crime, but you need a lore characer for the contract. the only way i see would be, putting damrod in the 4-frineds band, then denethor could be used as he should be (not only th 2 extrares are heavy, his ability to give is also heavy. e.g. this way eleanor could play a courage i round 1 and his ability counts for the whole table not only the ones you control)