Peril in Pelargir - progression

ansatz 38


These decks are heavier on event/allies and have few attachments, because the pickpockets as shadow cards make you discard attachments. There are a lot of high attack allies for battle questing. Faramir and Sword that was Broken boost willpower on allies for sprinting through the last quest phase.

Lore Aragorn becomes the target for Local trouble and then can reset threat when it gets too high. There are a few combos for killing the low health enemies, but my favorites is Thalin + infighting to move an extra damage counter onto a 2 health enemy already having 1 damage.

The cost curve on the tactics is probably too high, but when I played I managed to get Radagast out early so I could pay for a 4 cost Eagle each turn. Likewise, the leadership/lore deck has a lot of lore cards, so Steward of Gondor should probably go on Aragorn.