Hunt for the Dreadnaught Fellowship

Jtothemac 356


This is a fellowship I ran with my brother and my buddy that had no issue taking down the Dreadnaught. All 3 decks are fun in their own right, but add in the effects of the ships and they become an absolute blast.

Four Hobbitsesss chooses Twilight's Call: This makes the deck a lot of fun to play, since the first card you play does not require a resource match. If you time it right, you can play an ally in the combat phase without the match, and with an extra 33% resource generation each round with the extra hero, you are in really good shape. Folco can be shifted out for Pippin (just watch out regarding the ally match) but it's nice to have him as a pinch in case your threat gets too high.

Bring them in early chooses Swan ship of Dol Amroth: This deck, inspired by Imrahil13's Awesome blitz deck, is made even more potent with extra resources to start the game. Once this deck gets started and rolling, you can just burn extra resources on healing and readying.

Prince Imrahil, Creature chooses Eithiliant: Probably the most exploitative of the options here, we make Prince Imrahil a creature to bring in eagles during the combat phase. Between this and Hirgon's ability to send in someone during questing, you should have no problem keeping Gwaihir in the game. This rounds itself out well, and with Eithiliant providing a willpower boost, you can really send the whole crew without much trouble.