Wandering Istari

doomguard 639



this is NOT a fellowship, that you should play as fellowship. i put them together to discuss them and make it easy to compare them.


play the istari gandalf and radagast as grey wanderer and make big use of the other istari. this is only possible playing the other istari as ally.

benefits and flaws of the decks

both take pipe as default attachement


    • can use timely aid as 1. spherecard in the round
    • can use pipe for timely aid (e.g. bring the the other istari cheap into play 1. round) or other goals
    • radagast supports for creatureplaying (or readying, with narya a big eagle can have 3 actions with +1/+1 same phase)


    • benefits
      • starts with better stats
      • can play from the top and see that card (word of command, runes, timely aid..... offsphere)
      • can use shadowfax and courages for more usage (in multiplayer)
      • ring makes sense because he should be the main-defender
    • flaws
      • can only play spherecards as the 1. card or from the top of the deck until radagast (+staff)is there

- radagast

    • benefits
      • can play green events everytime and creatures sphere-independent
      • more creatures in the deck
      • gandalf-ally starts with 2 actions (due to the fact, he does not exhaust for questing)
    • flaws
      • must perhaps decide which offsphere-event he will use this round (timely aid, eagles are coming, flight of the eagles)
      • high thread increase from gandalf-ally

playing advice

Try to play timely aid and recourcefull as fast as possible. try to play the epensive istari with timely aid, word of command helps to do that. equip both istari and make use of their abilities. these are good decks, that are multiplayerable, but not high(est) end, but with a good portion of theme.

so, now its up to you, what deck would you like to play running these istari-buddys together? what would you improve?


Apr 06, 2021 Uruk-guy 212

I have to say I'm partial to the Gandalf deck just because you can eventually use Radagast to pay for the Eagles on his own. I admittedly like Gandalf's tools a little more so I'm also biased there. I say Gandalf, the OG Grey Wanderer!

Apr 06, 2021 doomguard 639

understandable. i think the radagast-deck is a little bit faster, because he can play runes and word of command at will (e.g. after questing and be ready because of playing a creature before). but with inner strength, the gandalfdeck is much safer.

Apr 06, 2021 Uruk-guy 212

@doomguard what if you made the Radagast deck an Eagle deck and the Gandalf deck an Ent deck with Treebeard? That way it truly would be a fellowship.

Maybe even add a Saruman Grey wanderer deck just to top it off lol. Though he would mess things up with his doomed

Apr 07, 2021 doomguard 639

would be themefull, but radagast cannot support a entdeck very well. if you want to play it as fellowship, then gandalf-ent and radagast-eagle makes sense, but a gandalf-radagast-deck need creatures else radagast is not worth it.

@saruman, he would not, because all are grey wanderer and start low. would be o.k. and with his staff he avoid much doomed.