Two-Handed Progression Series Core Set Decks


These are the decks I used for the progression series on my channel at

You can build these decks with 2 core sets (or a few proxies). These are well balanced decks for 2 player dual sphere play, as that strategy can work incredibly well for almost every quest in the first 2 cycles as well as the 2 player limited edition starter box. Since the card pool is small, two-sphere decks also allow you to employ more of the cheap cost cards, basically cards that cost 2 or lower. Your decks can use more of them in comparison to mono-sphere decks with a limited card pool. In the third cycle mono-sphere play is worth a consideration however, as the card pool expands and card effects benefit that play style. Basically once I reach 'Shadow and Flame', The Hobbit saga, and the 3rd cycle I consider and experiment with many other deck building options. But for all earlier quests you can run these decks and as the card pool slowly expands slot in a few cards here and there as variations very similar to these decks.

I take out the 3x 'Miner of the Iron Hills' in favor of 3x 'Erebor Hammersmith' for quests that do not have condition attachments like "Journey Along the Anduin"