Siege of Annuminas 2p Fellowship with new ALEP cards

Inkling 20


It seems that the new ALEP deluxe outlines two separate very strong 2p fellowship options using the 4 new heroes. I recently published the one option of Celador Traps deck + Herubrand staging area attack deck that was really fun for all of the deluxe quests.

I then decided to try the other two heroes which seem to go best as an Ingold Gondor swarm deck and a Thengel Rohan deck. I tried this fellowship against Siege of Annuminas and it worked really well.

Gondor deck

  • You basically mulligan for steward or else this deck is slow going
  • Beregond with armored destrier, unexpected courage from other deck, and shield and helm is just a beast.
  • Ingold gets you to valour fairly quick and adds card draw. Pillars of kings is used simply to bring down to 40 once you're close to threating out (the starting threat of 31 precludes using for card draw).
  • rammas ALEP cards are insane. The sentry cancelling archery and other damage and swinging for 3 with boromir boost or the lookout questing for 2 with boromir/visionary boost AND swinging for 2 with boromir attack boost
  • defender of cair andros can either be brought out with beregond directly (his attachments are free so he has ample resources) or with a very good tale.
  • Morween is also an incredible card. Discard the squire to bring her in and even gain a resource AND then use thengels ability to put another gondor ally into play!

Rohan deck

  • These three heroes are perfect together with incredible synergy.
  • Eomer is swinging for 7-9 once he has firefoot and war axe! Characters always leaving play so usually 9 attack. He can often kill an enemy and send 3-5 damage onto another for a double kill!
  • theodwyn and eomer are rarely paid for and often used with lothiriel to bring into play and gain readying with eomer when they leave or the added card draw/resources with theodwyn.
  • once gamling is out you can use elfhelm every turn to activate discard and thengels ability
  • thengel is also a beast defending for 6 with golden shield and still questing for 3 and readying from snowmane!

Really fun 2p fellowship. Won't work well with quests that need low threat or have ally hate, but otherwise super strong.


May 02, 2021 Inkling 20

I meant to say eomund not eomer.

Also Light-footed Steed could replace snowmane to get more ALEP cards in. I just found that it is more common that I quest successfully (and therefore ready with snowmane) than a character leaves play (which would activate readying from Light-footed Steed. While it's not much difference, I found that I play to quest successfully 100% of the time, and characters leaving play is about 90% of the time.