Rise of the Horse Lords


Rise of the Horse Lords is a Fellowship of three decks, each showcasing some of the coolest art in the game. Each of the three decks consists ONLY of cards featuring horses in the art, with a limit of max 3 copies of any given card. The card pool used consists of all player cards, excluding fan-made content or alternate art promos. Not surprisingly, the decks are mostly Rohan, and given the card pool, there is some good synergy. Due to the restriction of only using cards with horses, this Fellowship has some big challenges, such as lack of healing, card draw, and cancellation. Despite the challenges, these decks should be viable (especially when played together), and if not, your table will look great while you lose.


Jun 09, 2021 Alonewolf87 1421

Cool ideas. Have you considered the possibility of switching Lothiriel and Erkenbrand so that you have a mono leadership deck to use Strength of Arms (and possibly Tome of Atanatar)?

Jun 09, 2021 soonermike211 4

@Alonewolf87, I originally had them switched, but unfortunately there are so few cards with horse art that you’d have to include several “dud” cards (such as Steed of the North, among others) to reach 50. I imagine if you include ALEP cards you could easily do it (haven’t verified). So, I had to swap a hero with since had excess cards, and then tried my best at some resource smoothing. Also, no horse on Tome of Atanatar

Jun 09, 2021 GusOrriols 459

"and if not, your table will look great while you lose." hahaha

Jun 11, 2021 Adanedhel 3