UNDB#1 - Gondor needs no king ! Mount Gram


Welcome to the "Unnecessary deckbuilding for easy quests" series !

Easy quests are... easy. But deckbuilding to litterally destroy them is not totally pointless. It offers a new player you wish to introduce to the game a good - even if not totally representative - experience. It exemplifies the way specific deckbuilding is core in LoTR as a "puzzle game". Finally, it is a TON of fun !

In this premier episode, the victim is Escape from Mount Gram. The principle are:

  • 8 cards in the captured deck (so 10, counting the two captured heroes). So, you have all the cards you want very quickly and with certainty. When the Prison cell and the quest stage 2B are explored, all allies, items and artifacts are in the players hands or in play.
  • at least one powerful quester to speed up the two first rounds. I chose Gandalf and Eowyn. powerful events, mostly doomed ones to benefit form their powers. But it helps also to boost up the threat to be able to engage more ennemies and clean the staging area asap.
  • a lot of tactics tricks to ensure an efficient combat phase with a small number of attackers.
  • and, sure, with that title, it needs a Boromir !