A Path Less Travelled: Scouring of the Shire

Inkling 68


I have decided to start a variant on the Saga Campaign. Personally, I felt the strict hero requirements for the majority of the official saga campaign to be more frustrating than fun. My main goal is to balance theme with overall fun for playing each of the quests in the saga all while using as many new cards and archetypes as possible.

Awesome quest. I think AleP is making as good or better content than FFG!

I ended this one the way it all started, with a trisphere standard hobbits deck and supplement VD deck. Box of Earth is a fun card that turns cloak of lorien into the lore equivalent of a gondorian shield, all while acting like an asfaloth mount when it's not on glorfindel! Great card. Turns Rossiel into a 6 defender in a standard VD deck.

VD may be a bit overpowered. It reliably neutralized the gang of ruffians along with a number of treacheries all while providing card draw and threat reduction with keen as lances.

Hobbits deck is standard fare. I added Halbarad to extend the number of rounds that the engagement archetype could work. Another underrated ally in a hobbits deck, especially in quests where the threat raises really add up.