When two Wanderers Meet.


The idea of this deck is to have a deck with absolutely no allies. Instead of using many weaker allies to aid in the questing, attacking, and defending, you will use two overpowered heroes doing all the work. This is a two-player fellowship, where each player centers his play on one Hero only, but it is still exciting because each hero can have up to thirty attachments by the end of the game (I am not joking, it actually has happened).
I have found this deck to be extra powerful against encounter decks that target high threat and Allies. However, There are some quests that I can never manage to beat with it. For example, an encounter cart with the text: "Cannot ready until the end of the round" or: "The text box is considered to be blank" will not bode well.
The way to play with this deck is unique, and I have had a lot of fun playing with this deck.