9 Hunters


The Fellowship of the Ring.

My idea was to group the 3 hobbits that don't raise the threat to have the effects of Pippin/Merry/Sam. Then put Frodo in a deck with Aragorn knowledge to tank the very first big enemies and lower the threat afterwards.

Desesperate alliance allows you to find a low level of threat if the deep knowledge comes out well, for the hobbits to continue to have the effects of the heroes and for Boromir not to die!

If I double count the Raiments of War, that's 69 out of 150 cards that are restricted attachments. This is to return the contract as quickly as possible. To beg more and heal.

The deck fights very well but can have trouble when stacking locations so I put little played cards like Explorer's Almanac, Arod, Asfaloth without Glorfindel...

With 3x the 3 Hunters, there are a lot of cheap and discounted cards so I put out Gondorian Fire to use up those resources. In the same idea I put cards to draw in order to use the resources.

As the 9 heroes will quickly be very powerful, I put the maximum of cards/versions of the heroes to ready them.

The White Concil makes it possible to spend Pippin's resources in interesting ways.