Into Fangorn - I Talk to the Trees but They Don't Listen


Build for the "Into Fangorn" scenario. I played this fellowship several times with success.


  • Frodo: Resourceful [1st copy], The Arkenstone
  • Merry: Fast Hitch [1st copy], Resourceful
  • Glorfindel: Light of Valinor, Asfaloth
  • Mirlonde: Celebrian's Stone [R], Stone of Elostirion [R], Necklace of Girion
  • Treebeard: Ent Draught, Self Preservation, Lembas
  • Bilbo: Ent Draught
  • Rosie Cotton: Fast Hitch, Wild Stallion

Mulligan deck1: Resourceful, Timely Aid, Rosie Cotton
Mulligan deck2: Fast Hitch, Mirkwood Explorer, healing