Flight to the Ford progression


At first, I wanted to go fully thematic with my heroes and make the support deck with Aragorn, Glorfindel and Elrond - who'd all been around for the events of this quest in the books. However, Elrond's abilites don't really fit this quest - he is threat-expensive, I already have 2 Lore heroes with Sam inteded to become a third one, there is not that much need for healing and most importantly I need to fight some nasty treacheries while still only having 2 copies of A Test of Will. So I'd swapped him for Eleanor.

The fellowship works as you would expect from previous Dark Riders quests - build Sam and Aragorn as your defenders backed up by the Burning Brand, equip Merry and Glorfindel with some weapons, attach Sword that was Broken to Aragorn and quest through as fast as you can :)

(If situation permits, attach Steward of Gondor to Aragorn, however you might feel pressured for resources on the other side and just use it on Sam)