Into Fangorn progression


A fellowship that shouldn't have much trouble beating the quest. Elrohir can become a dedicated defender with DĂșnedain Warnings / Steward of Gondor + Gondorian Shield, otherwise you might just have to chump here and there. DĂșnhere with two Spears of the Mark can help with Huorns in the staging area, and so can Legolas with two Rivendell Blades.

There are two copies of Shadow of the Past should Mugash disappear in the forest.


Nov 27, 2022 gibby290 1

These are great decks/ fellowships. Hope you continue along, my wife and I are enjoying playing your decks.

Nov 29, 2022 HayashiM 28

@gibby290 thank you, that is very nice to read! :-) I had to skip building for some of Ringmaker's earlier adventures as it felt like too much of a chore given all the card draw hate, but I shall definitely continue from The Three Trials onwards.