Hammer & Anvil


This is a fellowship I've been thinking about for quite a while. It's pretty simple: combine your average Dúnedain trap deck with a Silvan deck which focuses on ranged heroes & allies. The synergy is really great and makes the most of Haldir's ability. Unless you draw two enemies on the same turn, you will generally be able to engage all enemies with the "Anvil," and kill them with the "Hammer." Of course, both decks have adequate defense and offense in case your plans break down. But it is most efficient this way.

For Hammer, mulligan for "O Lorien." It's a pretty standard Silvan deck. Bounce out cheap allies with Feigned Voices to stop enemies from attacking (note, you can use this to protect the Anvil player if they draw a really nasty enemy), or with Forest People to get more expensive allies (like Orophin and Rumil). 2x Bow of the Galadhrim go on Haldir. Both Rivendell Blades go on Legolas (after you do, you can use the combo of "Hands Upon the Bow" and "Straight Shot" to nuke most enemies).

For the Anvil, mulligan for Steward, Master of the Forge, & Forest Snare. Steward goes on Amarthiúl. Damrod's ability means you can play a Forest Snare every turn. Engage enemies, defend once (either with Amarthiúl or an ally) then trap and leave them engaged with you for the rest of the game.

I've play tested this a bit, but I'm eager to hear any ideas for making it better!