Helm's Deep progression


A mostly thematic progression fellowship for the Helm's Deep quest (I know, Haldir was not at there in the books, but I needed a hero and the only other kind of thematic option was Treebeard, which would have shot my starting threat through the roof and also I needed his ally version to help with resouce generation for the ents).

Mulligan for costly allies that you can put into play for free on turn 1 (Beorn/Rúmil, Faramir/Northern Tracker/Elfhelm, sadly not Gandalf or Treebeard, as NEUTRAL IS NOT A SPHERE :D ) in exchange for taking the Poisoned Counsels in your deck. Steward goes on Aragorn (I mean, it's a little derogatory for our King, but at least he gets the Gondor trait somehow and can ready 1 hero more per turn), who can also get some of his other attachments, but those aren't really that necessary. Other nice-haves are the Warden of Healing, Dúnedáin's Warning on Erkenbrand, Treebeard, Unexpected Courage (also for Erkenbrand as the primary target), weapons for the warriors (Dwarwen Axe for Gimli makes a comback for this scenario as the Dwarrodelf Axe grants the second damage separately after the attack, being of no use against toughness), and of course, Feint/A Test of will.

The card draw could perhaps be stronger, however that shouldn't matter as much once you've built the board (also the Poisoned Counsels won't hit as hard once you are mostly set).