The Treachery of Rhudaur progression


The game plan is easy - Gondor handles combat and the Noldor do the questing. Use the 4 turns on stage 1 to build the board, any cleared objective side quest is just a bonus. If your board is doing well, you will be done in another 2-3 turns on stage 2.

There isn't much to say about the Gondor deck (ally Legolas is really there for the card draw), however the Noldor Erestor deck is really fun. Its nice to build Elrond as a defender, so your key cards are Protector of Lorien (adding up to 3 / 3 every turn which is easy to do with the crazy card draw), Light of Valinor, Cloak of Lórien and A Burning Brand. Nenya is a lot more important than Vilya, while Imladris Stargazer should set you (and especially the other deck) up with all you need.