The Passage of the Marshes progression


A fellowship built around Rossiel's victory display fun and Faramir+Mablung+Sam's bonuses for engaging enemies.

Basically anyone but Merry can defend - Faramir / Mablung / Sam with Gondorian Shield or a Hobbit Cloak, Rossiel with an enemy in the victory display and Idraen can still help out before the others get set. The best choices are Sam and Mablung.

Merry on his own (+ Hobbit Pony) is mostly enough to lower the Questing threat, the other deck can use Gandalf / Keen as Lances (hopefully set up by None Return / Scout Ahead, but with a turn 1 Steward, even the full cost for the event can be worth it). Faramir becomes Steward of Gondor, optionally turning into a super attacker with Gondorian Fire.

Total cost of Tactics cards is a bit on the higher end but with Mablung it's fine.