Journey to the Cross-roads progression


The idea behind this fellowship is to avoid engaging enemies and instead taking them out in the staging area when possible with Haldir and DĂșnhere.

The Lore+Tactics deck has the necessary tools - Bow of the Galadhrim and Spear of the Mark, as well as a Gondorian Shield for Beregond / possibly Faramir. Use card draw (Beravor/Gleowine/Master of the Forge/Mithrandir's advice) to get those asap. DĂșnedain Mark from the second deck can also help further buff the two attackers to the magical number of 8 that kills everyone except for an Oliphaunt. Ithilien Tracker is great here, as you are guaranteed to add an enemy to the staging area every turn. Wingfoot goes on Beravor who can quest and then mostly still draw cards.

The Spirit deck wants its Steward asap - put it on a Spirit hero and redistribute the additional resources with Errand-rider - be it from the Steward or from Frodo. Northern Tracker is your next goal to tackle the threat of a location lock (he is also a great target for Faramir's ability upon engagement, giving you extra 2 attack or an emergency defender). Unexpected courage goes on Beregond, possibly on Beravor or Haldir/DĂșnhere. Help the other deck with threat reduction while they help you with card draw. Helm Helm! + a chumpy Snowborn Scout can help you with one Oliphaunt, though that is more of a corner case scenario.

The fellowship is meant for the standalone and not campaign play, so it is not expected to take out every single enemy - you might prefer to let some of them go, especially Oliphaunts.