Morgul Vale - "Progression"


This quest is super fun, even though it's very hard and easy to lose.

It's critical to keep both players threat as low as possible for as long as possible. If Murzag comes out on round 1, that's really bad and makes it very hard to win. Ideally, you get 3 rounds before he comes out, to give time to build up your board state.

Spirit player should play Galadhrim's Greeting on the Tactics player on round 1 if possible. Use Galadriel to lower threat by 1 and draw a card, until Galadriel gets Nenya. Ideally, you get Nenya and Unexpected Courage on Galadriel, then Eowyn quests for 8 each round, and Galadriel can still lower threat by 1 and draw a card.

Map of Earnil is huge, because you can play any event card for free out of your discard pile (you have to discard MoE). And there are many events that you may need to play at crucial times. Dwarven Tomb is also great for retrieving crucial cards like Test of Will, Galadhrim's Greeting, etc.

In Tactics, anything that can put damage on enemies outside of regular attacks is very useful. Thalin is good for putting 1 damage on enemies, and killing Forest Bats immediately.

The ideal way to win is keep Murzag out of play for as long as possible, build up. Once Murzag engages, kill him quickly so he stops generating more encounter card draws. When Alcaron comes out, same thing, you have to kill him as quickly as possible. You also need to be careful of what's in the staging area when you kill Alcaron, because when Alcaron dies, the Nazgul comes out (4 threat), plus The White Bridge location which can be 1-9 threat, PLUS draw two more cards. And that's before you draw 2 more cards in the next round. So if you have a lot of threat in there, adding Nazgul, White Bridge, and two more draws can easily make the staging area threat soar into the mid-20s or higher, depending on what you draw.

If you survive questing after the Nazgul arrives, you have a decent chance to win, because the Tactics deck has some tricks to put one-off damage on the Nazgul. Ideally, you kill him in 2 rounds.


Feb 02, 2024 Sir RageQuit 30

Correction: Map of Earnil doesn't allow you to play event cards "for free", you have to pay for them as if they were "from your hand".