The Fords of Isen - "Progression"


"Progression" because we use cards from the Dwarves, Elves, Rohan, and Gondor decks as well.

This quest is super easy, and fun if you want to defeat it easily. These two decks absolutely crush this quest. We played it like 10+ times, and won every time, never really in doubt. You want a bunch of cheap/free cards so you can keep your hand low. Don't have duplicates of any unique chars. You can also use Eowyn to throw useless cards away out of your hand at any time, which is huge for hand control.

The Spirit player needs to be the main/only quester, and the Tactics player needs to slay pretty much everything. The Spirit threat is so low that you can quest Glorfindel any time you need to, even better if you get Unexpected Courage on him. Frodo can also take damage as threat with no problem.

Now that I look at it, Light of Valinor should be in the Spirit deck for Glorfindel. Northern Tracker isn't that useful, and could be removed. Same with Bofur.