Mono-sphere Fellowship #RCO


First attempt at deckbuilding for this game. Built a mono-sphere deck for each player. Will try to take this group through every available revised content quest.


Feb 02, 2024 bhuster 561

Cool idea!

Feb 03, 2024 Aavdov 57

I have been wanting to do this myself, but haven't attempted it yet. This looks really cool. If you were to run two mono sphere decks, which two would you recommend?

Feb 04, 2024 mrhorseshoe 14

@Aavdov You definitely want at a spirit deck to handle the questing. The other deck should be either tactics or leadership. I'm leaning more towards leadership since you can use Amarthiul and Halbarad as well as the Gandalf + Sneak attack combo. Make sure to use some sentinel allies to help protect that questing deck.

Feb 06, 2024 Wittebaard 73

Nice work. Personally I play two handed solo and therefore make 2 dual sphere decks so I can still run every aspect. Tactics/Leadership for fighting and defending and Spirit/Lore for questing and support.