wich is the best grey wanderer?

doomguard 1877


i put the 3 grey-wandererdeck i rated the best of my collection (and if u want you can play them together). would be glad to hear wht u think or if you even havebetter grey-wanderer-decks. i explain why i think these are the best:

hirluin is described at the deck, so the aothers:

both have ld and lore from the start (choose the song)
both are swarmdecks with the discount of Timely Aid and the cheat-in A Very Good Tale in addition with lore-releated carddraw Deep Knowledge and Daeron's Runes it is not uncommon to get 4-5 costly allies in the first round. Gandalf+ Sneak Attack help where help is needed

they differe in their startingoptions wich both are strong

Denethor starts with 2 res more, that could be a DĂșnedain Wanderer (in serecy) that is very helpfull for early Timely Aid
Beravor can give you 2 additional cards each round, that makes everything faster and smooother to work with

every other lore-ld combo is less strong from the start in my opinion, and because of secrecy and the drawingoptions from lore i rate the lore-ld-combo the stronges

with the sideboard, the Denethor-version has the additional option to start with the palantir, wich is a heavy boost in multiplayer. if doing so, the Rivendell Minstrel should be added to get the missing song earlier.

in solo or if no other need beravor or denethor could use the The One Ring with Inner Strength to get good defense from the start. if you want to play Beravor and the hero is used otherwise in multiplayer, you could use Erestor. in the first turn it might be better, but i rate ceeeping cards over 1 round and draw 2 more better in this configuration (means no discrdoptions). with erestor and To the Sea, to the Sea! there might be an option to create a deck, that is even or perhaps better than Beravor

Hirluin the Fair has only one weakness, it has no resistances agains tracheries that cleares texboxes (no outlandbonus anymore)