2-player Dúnedain

Urthli 241




This deck is a 2 player adaptation of my previous 3 player Dúnedain Rangers fellowship.

This thematic fellowship comprises 2 Dúnedain decks with a clear separation of roles. Dúnedain & Gondor TRG excels at combat while Dúnedain & Noldor - support takes on a supporting role. Both decks have their own gimicks which makes them unique and fun to play. You can read more about the specific characteristics of both decks in their respective deck descriptions.

Dragncard Replays

To view a replay, make sure you are logged in on dragncards. Then click on "View Replay". This will open a new room with the final board state of the scenario. Hold down ctrl and tap the left arrow key to rewind back to round 1. Then use the right arrow key to go through the game one step at a time.

Journey Along the Anduin

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players 2
rounds 4
score 110
The Weather Hills

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players 2
rounds 7
score 129
The Three Trials

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players 2
rounds 10
score 159