First Steps into Moria

Darxsen 337


Taking inspiration from the LOtR Progression series and the Line Unbroken, this is my progression style fellowship for my first playthrough of the Khazad-dûm deluxe box!

These decks are designed to give my girlfriend and I a strong and thematic start to our first Deluxe expansion to the LOtR card game. I'm aware that Dwarves + Dain is far from a first, but we are looking forward to getting it on the table to see how strong it can be.

Included are a couple cross synergies to set up some Song of Mocking + Burning Brands + Citadel Plates to make Glóin and Gimli have a friendly father-son damage sponge race, turning damage into resources and even more damage resoectively.

Onward through Khazad-dûm!


Jul 17, 2016 Morgothsfoot 8

This looks good. I've been looking for a pair of decks to do the same thing. I've always been a fan of dwarf decks.