Fun Mono-sphere Fellowship Decks

Glimen 2


These decks are pretty fun. Really want to try them in a fellowship game.

Tactics deck tends to quest with all heroes for a starting will power of 9 and relies on allies played from hand and Imrahil to deal with fighting.

Leadership looks to build board state with purple and marks. Strong defence possibilities with all 3 characters.

Lore is a 2 man secrecy deck. Some traps and attachments to get Haldir hitting hard. Can look to discard Folco reasonably early on to allow for secrecy triggers but otherwise an additional 2 willpower until you want to. Resourceful and Strider so good to get going early if possible. Also gets some good encounter deck knowledge!

Spirit is high in will power as to be expected with the nice bonus or beregond the super tank and Lanwyn as some optional ranged damage. All round good will power and threat reduction.